Saturday, November 3, 2007

Routeburn Track


After spending November 27th in a Te Anau hostel, I headed out again for my 4th track since arriving in NZ. This track is much easier and only 30k but has maybe the most beautiful scenery of all the tracks. The hut wardens tell you that on a 3 day tramp they will guarantee you one day of rain and they were right. After a beautiful 1st day, the second day was 5 hrs of drizzle, rain, sleet and then hard snow. It took me several hours to thaw. LOL But it was worth every second as you will see when I get some pictures up hopefull tomorrow. At the end of the track I went to Queenstown for 5 days of adventure. At one of the huts was a group of 16 international high school students who were studying in NZ for a year. Each student was from a different country.

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